Google Mobile Web Experience Now More App-like: Screenshot Tour

Google mobile web search

If you point your Android or iPhone (iPod touch) web browser at and tap the “More” chevron link in the upper right corner, you’ll see something a bit different than you might be used to. The view in a HTML5 enabled mobile browser has a much more app-like look it to it. The search options (web, images, places, news, etc.) all have app-like icons associated with them.

Google mobile web apps

In fact, one of the three tabs is labelled “Apps” and leads off with the recently launched Google+ as the first app listed.

Google mobile web search

The final tab is “Notifications” and appears to be solely focused on Google+. I’ve see two types of notifications so far. One notification type let me know when I was added to someone’s Google+ circle. The other was when one or more people commented ona Google+ post.

The mobile web experience is now tied very closely with Google+ and appears to be another step in Google’s attempt to app-ify the web to draw people away from the native app experience (very Chromebook-like).