Google Mobile Click-to-Call Emergency Phone Numbers

Google has had as much of problem in updating their mobile platform firmware with their hardware partners and mobile operators just like everyone else. Their mobile web story, however, is an entirely different matter. That has been a story of small steady enhancements that taken together has provided an ever better mobile experience on any phone with a modern mobile web browser.

Google’s latest mobile web enhancement takes two existing simple features and creates a potentially lifesaving one.

Click-to-call emergency information

The click-to-call features has been on smartphones for years. It provides the ability for a phone to dial something defined as a telephone number or software that parses text, pulls out telephone numbers, and makes them dialable. The other feature the feature Google added to their web search last November which places emergency phone numbers relevant to a search at the top of a results page. Combining the two features results in being able to dial an emergency phone number by simply touching the phone number in a seach result.