Google’s New Site Is A One-Stop-Shop for Journalists, Newsrooms

Google Media Tools, a new site from the search giant, is a resource for everyone in the newsroom: journalists, researchers, social media managers, publishers and developers. The site combines all of Google’s tools that could be of use to a news organization, providing a central hub for media outlets. The site is split into the following sections:


Not only is it a valuable resource, it also offers inspiration for those who are browsing the site’s offerings. Highlighting how other media organizations have used the tools is a great way to showcase their potential to new users. For example, The Atlantic uses Google Earth Engine Timelapse to illustrate global urban growth:

There are handy step-by-step instructions for publishers on how to get articles in Google News and a developers section geared toward newsroom devs. Its additional resources are also valuable: Google Crisis Response can help reporters get in touch with sources in the aftermath of an emergency. Reporters can view government requests to take down information and the number of requests from governments around the world to hand over user data. However, the company warns that the data is not comprehensive, even though it is pushing for more transparency.

Have you explored the new site yet? As a journalist, what Google tool do you use the most?