Google Maps Will Soon Let Users Share Their Real-Time Locations, Trips

Chosen contacts will be able to see users' locations via the Google Maps app or the desktop or mobile web

Google Maps will soon allow users to share their real-time locations with friends and family without leaving the application.

With this update, iOS and Android users will be able to open the app’s menu, or tap the blue dot that represents their location, and tap “Share Location” to share their real-time location with users of their choosing. These contacts will be able to see the user’s location on their own maps, whether they’re using the Google Maps app or browsing Google Maps on desktop or the mobile web. Users will be able to stop sharing their location at any time.

In addition, when using Google Maps for navigation, users will be able to share their real-time trip progress with others. Specifically, when navigating to a destination, users will be able to tap the “More” button at the bottom of the navigation screen and tap “Share trip” to share their trip with the contacts they choose. These contacts will be able to see the user’s expected arrival time and follow along with them as they travel. This kind of location sharing will automatically end when the trip is completed.

In a blog post, Google said these location-sharing features will roll out soon to users around the world.