Google Maps Now on 200 Million Mobile Devices

Google Maps for Mobile is now part of more than 200 million mobile devices worldwide, according to Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of maps and local products, speaking at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference in New York City.

Google Maps is an integral part of the Android platform and its phenomenal adaptation has played a major role in Google’s success with mobile mapping. Google has put in a lot of efforts to make its mobile maps accessible from a wide number of platforms and devices. Google powers iPhone mapping and its mobile mapping is also available to other popular platform like Symbian, BlackBerry and others.

According to Mayer, usage of Google Maps on the mobile devices is enormous. Currently 40 % of the total Google Maps usage come from mobile device and from time to time mobile map usage has also bypass desktop usage over the weekends. By the end of June, Google expects that the percentage of mobile maps users will permanently exceed the desktop users.

Google has recently combined several of its individual products (for e.g Hotpot and Places)and focus on simplifying access of different Google services from within one and other. Google Maps also includes different application, like Latitude, Places, Hotpot, Buzz and so on. Over the past six months Google have brought out these applications from their individual store and use them to increase the user experience over the entire Maps application.

On a different note Mayer told that around 20 % of the searches done on Google are for local information and the number is more than 40 % for the searches done from mobile. This is a significant milestone as the search giant continues to secure it position in location based and socially aware services.