Google Maps for Bicyclists Not Mobile Ready & Suggestions for V2

Google Maps already provides driving, transit, and walking directions. So, bicycling optimization seems like a logical next step.

Biking directions added to Google Maps (The Official Google Blog)

The next logical thing, in my opinion, would to make this available on Google Maps for mobile so it could be used by someone actually on a bicycle. But alas, after checking Google Maps on both an iPhone (app & website) and Nexus One (Android 2.1), I couldn’t find it on either platform. And, yes, I pointed my browser at and tried to add it to my maps.

Assuming Google is hard at work getting bicycle routing on mobile devices soon, here are a couple of suggestions from a person who used to spend a lot of time on bike (I didn’t own a car while at grad school).

– Get it working with mobile phones
– Add a “social” aspect to it by letting bicyclists add information about safety, difficulty level, etc.