Google Maps Becomes The Most Connected Mobile App in UK

Google Maps now tops the most used apps in UK with 6.4 million users using it to find their current location and destinations, according to a research by comScore and GSMA mobile data records. Yahoo is second in place with 3.6 million users for its weather app. Facebook is very close to yahoo with 3.5 million connected users and it is expected to take the second place soon.

Google is holding four places in the the top 20 with Google Mobile, Youtube, and Google Earth. On the other hand UK’s top broadcaster Sky managed to get a couple of positions with its app in the top 20 list, including Sky News, Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre, Sky Sports and Sky+.

The research only accounted for connected apps i.e. apps that are used offline. That indicated why Angry Birds are not to be found in the list. WiFi-connected apps are also not accounted explaining the  absence of the beeb’s iPlayer.

Here’s the top ten list with the count of its user base.

  1. Google Maps 6,419,503
  2. Yahoo! Weather 3,567,047
  3. Facebook 3,456,442
  4. Google Mobile 2,554,329
  5. YouTube 2,438,348
  6. eBay 1,195,496
  7. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre 1,004,085
  8. Yahoo! Stocks 959,289
  9. WhatsApp Messenger 798,656
  10. Sky News 732,374