Google Maps Is Back, a Nation Rejoices

Poised to break app records, feature quickly soars to the top spot in App Store

When you woke up this morning was the sun shining a little bit brighter? Were the birds chirping just a little bit cheerier? It may be because Google has finally released its iOS 6 version of Google Maps, filling a hole in the hearts of iPhone users everywhere.

The trouble started this past September when Apple ended its contract with Google as the sole navigation provider for iOS platforms. Tensions mounted when Apple released its own incomplete and very glitchy Apple Maps interface on its new iOS 6 operating system. Apple Maps fails started to appear across the Internet as the hurried maps interface quickly became a damaging meme for the usually on point tech company. In the end, the Apple Maps debacle cost some Apple employees their jobs and even forced a rare apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook. But that's all behind us now. Welcome back, Google Maps.