Google Maps Accidentally Directs Berliners to Adolf Hitler

So, you live in Berlin and you’re new in town. A friend invites you to this trendy new bistro in the town square. Because you are new to the German capital, you take a gander on your trusty Google Maps app and find this…


That’s the trendy part of town. And there’s Adolf Hitler Place. Whoops.

It’s not Google has been on the @$$ end of some bad press lately with Google Glass sucking out loud and then their misanthrope approach to community relations in San Francisco, but this?! Google, I’m sure you picked up this phone call. What say you?

“We were made aware of a wrong and inappropriate Berlin street name on Google Maps and have corrected this as quickly as possible,” the Internet search giant said in an email to NBC News. “We apologize for this error.”

So, here’s the skinny: Instead of Theodor Heuss Platz, West Germany’s first post WWII president, the map named the street along one side of the eponymous square Adolf Hitler Platz after, well, that guy. A spin attempt would be someone typed ‘H’ and that damn auto correct took over.

See there, it’s Apple’s fault. Problem solved.