Google, Local News Sites Create Private Exchange

Daily News, McClatchy among ad partners

Google today struck an advertising deal involving more than 800 local newspapers and 200 TV stations, including the New York Daily News and McClatchy publications.

The participants formed a private exchange on which to sell 10 billion monthly online ad impressions. Powered by DoubleClick Ad Exchange, it offers programmatic buying of video and display inventory. The media group also will have access to the DoubleClick platform for managing ads across desktop and mobile, and can run ads via AdSense alongside their content and their sites’ search results.

“We are able to bring Google’s digital tools, technology and sales opportunities to all of our media members and our advertisers across the country,” McClatchy's CEO Patrick J. Talamantes said in a statement. “The vast size and scale of the consortium’s collective audience makes this kind of partnership possible with one of the world’s top digital companies.”

Google and the media group, with a total of 240 million monthly visitors, tout the deal as opening a network of local news sites to national advertisers.