Google Lobbying Spending Leads Tech Pack

Company continues to feel pressure in Washington

Under scrutiny by regulators in both the U.S. and Europe for its privacy and business practices, it's not surprising that Google continues to lead the tech lobby pack when it comes to spending. The company shelled out nearly $4 million in second quarter, according to congressional lobbying disclosure reports.

To put Google's spending in perspective, Google spent twice as much as Microsoft's $2 million, four times Facebook's nearly $1 million and more than eight times Apple's $470,000.

Even though Google's second-quarter spending was down from the $5 million it spent in the previous quarter, the total for the first half of 2012 nearly added up to the $9.7 million it spent for all of 2011.

For Facebook, the $960,000 it spent in second quarter was its highest lobby spend ever, up from the previous quarter spend of $650,000 as the company ramps up its Washington presence.

Microsoft's spending is also up, growing 8 percent in the first half. Apple reduced its spending by nearly 13 percent.

All four companies listed privacy, piracy, privacy and data security, and cybersecurity as reasons for spending.