Google Leases Pricey Land, Hires Ingenhoven Architects for New ‘Supergreen’ Building

Not to be outdone by their new neighbors to the north, Facebook, who earlier this year decided to buy the former Sun Microsystems campus and invite anyone and everyone to help come design it for them, Google is reportedly planning on expanding its own headquarters in Mountain View, California. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the company has “agreed to pay the city…$30 million to lease 9.4 acres,” for a 53 year lease, the “highest prices ever for land in that section of the city.” Furthermore, they’ve retained the services of the German firm, Ingenhoven Architects, to help build something on this new plot. Though they haven’t released any of what they have cooked up for the new facility, the paper reports that “preliminary plans could be filed later this month, with construction starting as early as 2012.” And considering that Ingenhoven is one of the most “sustainable and ecologically oriented” firms in the world (that quote taken from their site), whatever winds up getting built is sure to be “Supergreen,” the phrase the company uses to describe its work.