Google Launches Shared Albums in Google Photos

The update allows multiple users to share pictures and videos to the same album.

Google announced the release of Shared Albums in Google Photos, allowing users to easily share related photos and videos with multiple users in a single space.

With Shared Albums, users can invite others to add their own photos and videos to a specific album. Once multiple users have joined an album, participants will receive notifications when new items are added. Users can save the photos and videos in a Shared Album to their own Google Photos library, even if they weren’t the original photographer.

To create a Shared Album on mobile, users can select some of their own content and tap the Shared Album option instead of creating a normal album. From there, users can send the album link to anyone they’d like to join. Shared Albums can be accessed by users on iOS, Android and the Web.

In addition, Google brought its “free up space” button to Google Photos on iOS, following its release in Google Photos on Android last month. The feature allows users to quickly delete photos and videos from their device if they’ve already been backed up to Google Photos.

Google Photos is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.