Google Is Rolling Out New App Advertising Solutions for Developers

Multiple tools will help creators at every stage of the app lifecycle

Developers can target inactive users with the goal of inspiring them to engage with their app Google

Google debuted a variety of new application advertising solutions for app developers (especially video game developers) that are designed to help them target inactive players, generate revenue through advertising and more.

To start, the “App campaigns for engagement” tool in Google Ads will allow developers to target inactive users with the goal of inspiring them to engage with their app. Developers can customize the message and information they send to these lapsed users. For instance, they can encourage players to finish the game’s tutorial, or provide them with information about what’s changed in their app since the user last played.

Next, Google introduced pre-registration ads, which can help developers drive interest and downloads of their app before it actually launches in the Google Play store.

Google also rolled out “Max conversions bidding,” which allows developers to focus on maximizing installations of a particular app. This tool is now available as a beta-test to select advertisers.

To help developers generate revenue through advertising, Google introduced a “smart segmentation” solution, which uses machine learning to predict which users in a developer’s player base will spend money on in-app purchases and which users won’t. Since a developer may not wish to show advertising to a paying player, this smart segmentation feature will allow them to only show ads to users who are predicted to not spend money.

Finally, developers can now test rewarded advertisements in the Play console. These rewarded ads are video ads that players can choose to watch in exchange for an in-game reward (premium currency, energy, etc.).