Google Is Promoting Mobile Web Site Development

One of the long running debates regarding mobile computing is whether a mobile device should access the full web or a mobile version of the web. Before the iPhone mobile browsers did a great job of rendering web pages designed specifically for them but struggled with full web sites. One of the most revolutionary things about the iPhone was how Mobile Safari rendered full web sites, and since then mobile browsers from Google and Microsoft have improved and now handle full web sites relatively well.

Apparently Google feels that users get a better web experience on their mobile devices when web sites are optimized for rendering on the smaller screens, and they have launched an initiative called GoMo to help businesses create mobile sites. A web site has been set up at that provides a testing tool to see how a site looks on mobile screens, and has links to additional resources, including a list of developers who create mobile web sites.

The mobile site testing tool, which is called the GoMoMeter, displays the site in a window on a web page that is about the size of a smartphone, and I assume the embedded window is set up to render pages like the Android web browser. You are then asked to select the category of your business, and then answer some questions about how you see the site working in the browser window on the page, the result is an overall rating of the mobile readiness of your site.