Google Is Now Partnering With TripleLift and Cloudflare for Faster Mobile Ads

AMP ads outperform regular search

Source: Google

Google is expanding the capabilities of its AMP project with more native advertising and verification capabilities.

Today, the search engine giant announced a partnership with TripleLift, a native advertising company. It also announced a partnership with internet performance and security company Cloudflare, which will use its Firebolt service to help provide better advertising optimization.

The news comes less than a year after launching accelerated pages for advertisers, which Google says help drive better results for marketers than regular publishing search results.

At the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting today in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Google vice president of news Richard Gingras said the goal of AMP—accelerated mobile pages—has from the beginning been to give users faster results by loading content first and the ad second.

“The road to performance hell was paved with redundant tracking pixels,” he said.

According to Gingras, more than 80 percent of publishers have reported greater viewablity, while 85 percent have also seen higher click-through rates. A majority have also seen higher CPMs.

As a part of the launch, TripleLift has begun testing AMP ads for Time Inc. According to Time vp of digital revenue strategy Kavata Mbondo, the ads have already increased viewability by 13 percent. TripleLift ads also load six times faster and are three times lighter than before.

Other publishers have seen similar results. Gingras mentioned that Wired has used AMP ads to drive click-through rates from search by 25 percent, while Slate is now saving $85,000 per year in development resources. The Washington Post, an early adopter of AMP, has also seen improved results.

While TripleLift has lifted speed, Google says Cloudflare will help with improving verification. Through AMP, Cloudflare will become one of the authorized signing services that verify ads before they appear on a website.

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