Google Is Crowdsourcing Improvements To Maps

Google has released version 5.4 of Maps for Android that includes three new features, storage of Map searches in the  Google Web History associated with your account, inclusion of more details in the Places page of businesses, and the ability to report “destination not here” in Navigation. Google is using user’s reports to improve Maps and Navigation.

If you are not familiar with it, Web History is a collection of every search you conduct using Google. Presumably, Google uses this collection of data to improve search, and it provides a way for you to track down something that you may have searched for in the past. Search information is only stored while you are logged on to Google, but keep in mind that Android phones are always logged in to your Google account. To see your Web History, access your Google Account Settings on a personal computer, which you can get to from Gmail by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner and then click Account Settings.

Web History displays in the My Products section, which is arranged in alphabetical order. Click Web History to open a page that shows all of the searches that you have conducted, whether they be web searches, image searches, or map searches. If you want to stop the collection of your search information, even while logged in to Google, click Pause History. Tap Clear Entire Web History to remove all of the search information that Google is storing.

For now it appears that Map searches are the first search items on Android phones that is being stored in your Google Web History. When I do a regular Google search that search is not appearing my Web History.