Google Introduces Gamer IDs for Google Play Games

Gamer IDs will allow each Android user to create a username that will stay with them across supported apps, without the need to sign in with a Google+ account.

Google has introduced its new Gamer ID feature for Google Play Games, which will allow each Android user to create a username that will stay with them across supported apps, without the need to sign in with a Google+ account.

The Gamer ID feature will roll out over the next few weeks. It will allow players to create a custom Gamer ID and select one of more than 40 avatars as their gamer picture.

Users will be able to make their gaming activity private or public, and will be able to choose whether other users can find their Gamer ID using their email address or name.


In addition, Google will help users play new games faster by automatically signing them in. With this feature, users will be asked to sign-in once per account, instead of once per game. After signing in once, Google said users will ‘automatically be signed in to most future games.’

Users can begin claiming their Gamer IDs now using the Google Play Games app on Android.