Google Interface May Change Smartwatch Game

Wearable software becomes available to developers

Google doesn’t just have one smartwatch in the works—it has a number of new wearables designed by a variety of electronics makers and fashion companies.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant has announced that it would share its Android Wear software with the developer community to start designing apps for the devices. In a video (available below), Google also showed off a couple of watches that appear sleeker than others that are already on the market such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

“We’re working with consumer electronics manufacturers, chip makers and fashion brands who are committed to fostering an ecosystem of watches in a variety of styles shapes and sizes,” said David Singleton, Android engineering director.

Motorola's watch in the video looks like an old-timey, thin-strapped wind-up timepiece but entails a digital display. 

Alex Faaborg, an Android designer, on today's development: “We designed an entirely new [user interface] specifically for this form factor, and it’s really based around voice and contextual information that's reactive to your surroundings.”

Google released the Android Wear preview for developers to start building the apps. The company also is working with electronics makers and old Android partners, including Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG and Motorola.