Google, Intel, Sony Hope to Turn On Google TV

Google wants to take over your television: The search-engine giant teamed up with Intel and Sony on a platform based on Google’s Android operating system to bring the Internet onto TV sets, and Logitech will produce peripheral devices for Google TV, including a remote with a small keyboard, The New York Times reported.

Google TV is entering an already-crowded market, as the Times pointed out that similar Web-to-TV set-top boxes are being produced by Cisco Systems, Motorola, Microsoft, Apple, TiVo, Roku, and Boxee, and search-engine rival Yahoo! offers a TV platform that uses widgets to bring certain Web services to the television.

One of the ways Google will attempt to differentiate Google TV from other Web TV offerings is to open its Android-based TV platform to software developers in the hopes that a variety of apps will be produced, much like what occurred in the cellular-phone sector, while several of the other Web TV products only offer access to a limited number of sites and apps, according to the Times.

Google TV runs on Intel’s Atom chips, and the system will use a version of Google’s Chrome browser, the Times reported.