Updated: Google In-App Payments Appear Slated For a Full Launch in May

Update: After some clarification, it looks like this in-app payments solution is for the web and is a distinct product than the one for the Android Marketplace. There aren’t any more specifics on when Android in-app billing will be out for use by the general public, unfortunately.

So here’s what we originally reported:

Google may be looking at May for a full release of much anticipated in-app payments features, at least according to an e-mail sent today by a payments company the search giant recently acquired to former customers.

In a letter leaked to TechCrunch, Jambool, which was behind virtual currency platform Social Gold said it will discontinue the service in favor of a web-focused Google in-app payments product in May. But Jambool customers can use the company’s merchant console through September and get financial statements through February of next year. Google acquired Jambool last August for a reported to $70 to 75 million, just as the company was being cornered on the Facebook platform by the emergence of Credits.

And here’s some context on Android in-app payments in general (which was part of the original story):

A separate in-app billing product for Android is currently in beta testing. A handful of developers, including Disney’s Tapulous, have gotten their hands on it to experiment with in hits like Tap Tap Revenge. But it’s not out to consumers yet.

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