Google Improves The Android Market

An often stated complaint about the Android Market is that it is too difficult to discover new apps. The issue lead to third party developers like AppBrain to provide apps that interface with the Android Market and provide more ways to view and discover apps in the market. Google, however, has been working on improving the Android Market,

Google significantly improved app browsing and discovery when they released the desktop web version of the Android Market. Today they introduced a couple of key additions to the web version. When you open the Android Market web site you now see rankings of the top paid, top free, top grossing, top new paid, and top new free apps listed in one column along the left side of the page. Each section displays the top five apps of the category and have links to display a larger list.

An Editors Choice section is now available, which lists apps that Google’s staff has picked as apps they recommend. Another new section is Trending Apps, which are apps that are quickly growing in the number of times it has been installed.

When you click on an app you now see more information about related apps, including other apps in the store by the developer, other apps that users who view the current app also viewed, and other apps that users who have installed the current app also installed.

All of the improvements that Google has made to the web version of the Android Market are useful, and in sum, Google has made enough changes to the Android Market that I have found I no longer to use third party sites like AppBrain.