Google Hotel Finder Works on an iPad Too

In what would have been called a “Labs tool” before Google Labs was shut down, Google launched a Hotel Finder experiment this week. It does exactly what you might guess: Help someone find a hotel.

One of the first things I do when I learn of a new Google web product is point a mobile browser at it. Google’s Hotel Finder does not have a special mobile web version for phones or tablets in particular. However, its simple and clean design works well on an iPad. You can see an example of Hotel Finder on an iPad in the screenshot here. Interactive elements like expanding panels and maps work as expected on the iPad. Even the interactive shape editor that lets you search a specific area defined by an editable quadrangle works. Touching a vertex of a quadrangle lets you change the area covered by the shape.

While Google Hotel Finder is not specifically designed for use on tablets, it serves as a good example of how to design a single website that works equally well on desktops as well as tablets.

Via TheNextWeb: Google launches ‘Hotel Finder’, a new