Google Goes Wide With Remarketing

Google wants to encourage its thousands of search advertisers to spend more money on the Google Content Network. So it’s opening up its previously in beta Remarketing product to its entire ad base.

Going forward, advertisers can retarget customers that have previously visited their sites anywhere on the Google Content Network. Display, video and/or text ads can be employed. Executives at Google said its ad network covers roughly 1 million sites, reaching over 80 percent of the U.S. Web audience.

Google a year ago introduced Remarketing to hundreds of select brands as part of a pilot program. So far, the results have been excellent, said officials, as brands are able to reach users that are likely interested in their products, since they have recently visited or shopped on their sites or even interacted with brands’ ad campaigns on YouTube.

“We are really enabling success for these marketers,” said Brad Bender, director of product management for the Google Content Network. “This runs the gamut. It works for brand marketers and direct-response marketers.”

In terms of driving direct sales, “we’ve found it to be such an effective solution that we’re increasing our investment in it,” said Michael Menis, vp of global interactive marketing at the InterContinental Hotels Group.

But Remarketing can also be an engagement driver, according to Paul Holden, chief marketing officer at Samsung. The company was able to reach 100,000 users who had previously interacted with its YouTube Valentine’s Day campaign across the Google network.

Along with big brands, Google believes Remarketing should entice more local and small businesses — which make up a huge chunk of Google’s search advertising base — to try more display campaigns.

Bender said that small brands that want to retarget customers across the Google Content Network can utilize Google’s self-service Display Ad Builder product, which has already helped 20,000 businesses produce banners. “Eighty percent of those brands are completely new to display,” he said.