Google Glasses to Ship Minus the Heads-Up Display Shown in Demo Vids

If the news in CNet’s interview yesterday is as true as it sounds then the best feature of Google’s hottest new product won’t actually be on it when it ships.

Rafe Needleman of CNet visited Google’s HQ yesterday and he got a close look at Goolge Glasses. He didn’t get to wear them, but he was able to pin down several Googler’s long enough to interrogate them on the device.

The prototypes have been showing up on the heads of Googleers for some time now but there still isn’t much info available yet on what the Glasses can really do. It turns out the answer is: not much.

The first models released to the public won’t actually be able to do anything shown in the demo video. You won’t be able to read and respond to email, do video conferencing, or Google for necessary info. Instead of the eyeful of distracting data, users will see just a couple lines of text at the upper edge of their vision. CNet explains why:

Reducing the interface from the full-view concept in the demo video to a more subtle above-the-view line makes sense from both a technological and consumer adoption perspective. Simply showing small snippets of information based on the user’s general location and direction is easier than trying to overlay data in the user’s main visual space, where graphics need to interlace more precisely with reality.