Google Glasses Photographed with Prescription Lenses

Do you wear glasses but wish you could use Google’s mysterious computerized glasses when they are finally released?

The Road to Virtual Reality blog posted a photograph of someone wearing what appear to be Google glasses with prescription lenses.

Check it out: “A friend spotted someone wearing a prototype Google Glass HMD in New York City and shot me this photo. You can see that the Glass unit has prescription lenses — one of several styles that we’ve seen, including sunglasses and no lenses.”

IEEE Spectrum published a long interview with Babak Parviz, the leader of this new project at Google. It seems the project still has a way to go before its launch.

If you want to see how the Google Glass project will work someday, watch this video of the futuristic hardware in action.

Here’s an excerpt: “We haven’t actually talked about specific features. We have mentioned some basic capabilities, like taking a picture and sharing it. We are experimenting with a lot of things. The feature set for the device is not set yet. It is still in flux.” (Image via Project Glass)

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