Google Glass Gets Official Twitter App

One of the announcements Google made this week at its action-packed Google I/O conference was that Google Glass now has an app for Twitter, in addition to apps for Facebook, Tumblr, Evernote, Google+, CNN, and ELLE.

Earlier this month, a tweet from an official Twitter Glass app was spotted, indicating that the roll-out of said app wouldn’t be far behind. That time has arrived.

With the Twitter Glass app, users will be able to integrate a lot of the functionality into their Glass experience. The app lets you send and receive tweets, get DMS and respond to them, and tweet photos.

All of the apps are available now on the Glass setup page (for those lucky owners).

By the by, apparently “Developing for Glass,” the session in which the new Glass apps were discussed, exceeded Google expectation for attendance, filling the allotted space plus an overflow room.

Mashable’s got a rundown of the new apps headed to Glass.

(Photo via Mashable)