Google Glass Costs $1500 But Glass Materials Cost Only $80

glassThere’s a lot going on between the ears of a Google Glass user – the internet, a camera, a speaker, a microphone, and even the dangers of theft or assault. That’s a lot for a small device to hold, but Google holds its developing eyewear in higher esteem. So much so, the markup of $80 worth of assembled material means users have to pay $1500.

The calculation was made by tech gear gurus at Originally the Google Glass was only available to “Explorers” better known as developers. Finally Google offered a one day sale on April 15, 2014 allowing the general public to purchase the Glass for a whopping $1500.  At we managed to get our hands on one but it didn’t last long. 

As we all know, developing new technology can often cost millions in funding. This would explain why Glasses cost so much. If they ever become economically efficient to develop and sell to a broader audience, it would have to cost significantly less while being less of a target for Google-haters.



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