Google Glass Ad Parody Highlights Need for New Strategy [Video]

Google Glass is still in beta, but is already the butt of many jokes.

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass can’t seem to catch a break.

First, its users make up an elite minority, far less than 1 percent: Only around 10,000 people have paid $1,500 for the privilege of wearing Glass.

Second, Glass has been the subject of raging etiquette debates and hate crimes. Even before being released, Glass had been banned in public establishments that want to protect patrons from privacy-encringing Glassholes.

The device itself — and Google’s approach to marketing it — has also been criticized by some of its earliest advocates.

Now, says Mashable, “taking pot shots at Google Glass has officially gone mainstream” as evidenced by this commercial parody by Colorado-based FirstBank depicting a family addicted to Google Glass-like devices.

“When even companies in Middle America are using your device — which is still in beta — as the butt of jokes, that’s probably a clue that it’s time for a major strategic overhaul.”

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