Google Gets Smarr About Social Web

GoogleJosephSmarr.jpgPlaxo chief technology officer Joseph Smarr is bringing his social-networking expertise to Google, reporting to engineering director David Glazer, TechCrunch reported.

From Smarr’s personal blog:

High on my to-do list for 2010 will be to update my contact info in Plaxo, because I’ll be starting a new job in late January. After nearly eight amazing years at Plaxo, I’m joining Google to help drive a new companywide focus on the future of the social Web. I’m incredibly excited about this unique opportunity to turbo-charge my passionate pursuit of a social Web that is more open, interoperable, decentralized and firmly in the control of users.

I’ve worked closely with Google as a partner in opening up the social Web for several years, and they’ve always impressed me with their speed and quality of execution and, more important, their unwavering commitment to do what’s right for users and for the health of the Web at large. Google has made a habit of investing heavily and openly in areas important to the evolution of the Web—think Chrome, Android, HTML5, SPDY, PublicDNS, etc. Getting the future of the social Web right—including identity, privacy, data portability, messaging, real-time data and a distributed social graph—is just as important, and the industry is at a critical phase where the next few years may well determine the platform we live with for decades to come. So when Google approached me recently to help coordinate and accelerate their innovation in this area, I could tell by their ideas and enthusiasm that this was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to pass up.