Google Gesture Search For Android 1.6

At the beginning of March Google released an application called Google Gesture Search that does a search using letters that you write on the screen. As you write letters on the screen your phone searches in Contacts, Browser Bookmarks, App Names, and Music for items that match what you write. Todd recorded a video showing how the search works in his post titled…

Google Gesture Search for Android 2.x Released: Seriously Amazing App

Unfortunately, at the time Gesture Search was only available for the Nexus One phone. Today Google released a version of Gesture Search that runs on phones with Android 1.6, such as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

Because you are writing on character at a time on the entire screen, recognition is very good. For now the program is a beta and in my opinion for it to be really practical it needs to either be incorporated right into Android, or be enabled when you press the search button. It will be interesting to see in what other ways Google may incorporate Gesture Search into Android in the future.