Google Games Again: Google Ventures Invests $3-$5 Million in Mobile Games Maker ngmoco

if Google couldn’t make any more investments into the gaming world, their venture capital arm, Google Ventures, has invested a reported $100 million into mobile games maker ngmoco.  This comes soon after their strategic investment into Zynga, their near $200 million acquisition of Slide and recent announcements to hire all kinds of different gaming posts.  The latest investment into ngmoco is slightly different in that it comes from Google Ventures rather than Google itself, but as TechCrunch points out, this probably won’t change much in terms of the new Google-ngmoco relationship: ngmoco will be feeling the pressure to make sure they port their games to Android.

ngmoco is one of the premiere iPhone game developers, and we’ve covered several of their games in the past.  Specifically we looked at Godfinger and We Rule as two great examples of taking the social game model and applying it to the iPhone.  These games demonstrate a great understanding of what is currently making Facebook games popular, and bringing the model to Facebook.  Before that, they were one of the inventive first wave of developers that built iPhone games just as the app store was released.  Games like Rolando and Elimination raised the bar on creativity and execution, and it’s no surprise that a heavyweight like Google has shown interest in their skills.

The company is led by Neil Young, a former rock star executive from Electronic Arts who pretty much kickstarted ngmoco as soon as he heard about the iPhone app store.  It seems like his gamble has paid off, as the estimate for Google’s investment is the $3 to $5 million range, and that would value the company above $100 million.  We look forward to seeing more moves from ngmoco, and will keep you posted.