Google Friend Connect Now on Blogger

If you’ve used the “Following” feature of Google Blogger which was introduced a few months ago, you may have enjoyed how easy it is for your readers who also happen to be on to follow your blog updates. Well, in fact according to the Blogger Buzz, nearly 3 million communities have used the said feature.
Now, if you liked the “Following” feature you would surely be delighted to know that Blogger has now adopted Google Friend Connect. This simply means that your readers who have joined Google Friend Connect, even if they don’t have a Blogger account can easily follow your blog using their Google Friend Connect account. So whether if they have tied up their Friend Connect to their Yahoo, AOL, WordPress, Typepad other platform, they can easily join your Friend Connect Community.

Likewise if you have other blogs in other blogging platform, your users can also follow your updates using Google Friend Connect.

Implementing Google Friend Connect will certainly give your blog more exposure since if a reader of your blog follows your blog, it will appear on their Google Friend Connect profile, which in turn can be seen by your follower’s follower.

And to make it easier for all of us who have implemented the “Following” feature on our respective Blogger blogs to implement Google Friend Connect, Blogger has already included the feature on our Blogger profile. All we need to do is to set it on to start using the Google Friend Connect.

If you want to implement Google Friend Connect on your blog, here’s a short video prepared by the Blogger team to guide you.