Google+ For Android Updated With Ice Cream Sandwich Facelift

Google has been investing heavily in their social network, Google+, by adding features. Today Google rolled out integration with Google Reader to make it easier to share news articles and comments on Google+ and they released an update to the Google+ Android app. The new version of Google+ for Android includes a user interface update, navigation improvements, battery life improvements, and more.

After installing the update on my Nexus S and checking it out, it seems to me that the changes are mostly cosmetic, however I am sure there are several background changes that are not obvious. For example, one is not going to see bug fixes or battery life improvements right away.

The main point of the UI improvements is to make the app consistent with the design of the forthcoming version of Android known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The UI change is most noticable in the Stream, as you can see in the screenshot, with the top bar of the screen now in black. One thing I noticed is that after installing the update on my Nexus S my settings for what circles display in the stream were gone and I had to enter them again.

Google Apps users will be happy to know that you can now select a Google apps account for use in the Google+ Android app. The app in fact supports multiple accounts, and switching between them is a simple matter of signing out and signing back in with a different account.