Google Fans Must Apply to Buy and Promote New ‘SmartGlasses’

Other than sex, nothing connects with the public better than exclusivity. What better way to engage the masses than to create a product that’s out of reach? We all want what we can’t have, especially if someone else can have it. It’s not just a PR strategy–it’s a quirk of human nature. And Google knows this.

The “Do no evil” brand is launching a clever campaign that will promote its new Glass “smartglasses” (sorry spell check: you’re going to have to learn that one, too) via a very select group of “explorers”. What’s the price of admission? $1,500 (taxes not included) and a gift for words.


Knowing the insatiable appetite early adopters have for these types of devices, Google is raising the bar to entry by making prospective explorers apply for the position via Google+ and Twitter. Entries are limited to 50 words or a short video. Yes, Google is actually making its customers apply to pay for its products. But along with that $1500 (plus tax) comes an opportunity to promote the world’s coolest glasses!

Will this strategy resonate with or alienate the public? Knowing us, and how predictable we are, odds are this campaign will be wildly successful. We don’t know who exactly is judging this contest, but we do know who is going to win it: people with $1,500 to spend on impractical tech toys in a struggling economy. Sorry, freelance writers; this one isn’t for you.

However, Glass will likely be the next big technological device to excite the public. Why? Because we love ourselves. We love taking pictures of our birthdays and recording our weddings and even secretly Googling things we don’t understand to appear smart to others.

Glass can do all of that and more–so just imagine what it’s going to do for porn.