More Google+ Than Facebook Users Look To Twitter For News

A new chart from the Pew Research Journalism Project depicts just how much of the social news space Facebook has captured, relative to Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

We shared earlier that, based on Pew’s research, 8% of U.S. adults get news through Twitter, compared to 30% through Facebook.

But that’s not all – those who get news on other social networks are the most likely to also get news from Facebook, making Mark Zuckerberg’s once-humble creation the resource for social news today.

So for those who look to Twitter for news, where else are they seeking out information?

You can see that most of the people who get news from a non-Facebook social network also get their news from Facebook.

But whereas 28% of people who look to Google+ for news also check out Twitter for news, only 19% of Facebook news consumers do.

Why the reticence on Facebook news readers’ part to seek out news on Twitter? Maybe because a much smaller percentage of Facebook users are Twitter users than vice versa – or the former are already following Facebook pages they’d theoretically get news from on Twitter so there’s no need to double-dip.

Which social networks do you get your news from?

(Source: Pew Research Journalism Project. Social icons image via Idonzzy.)