Google Exec: Mobile Users Want Open Web

iPhone users conduct “50 times” more searches using Google’s mobile search than folks with any other handset, Google’s mobile operations chief Vic Gundotra told the Financial Times. “We thought it was a mistake and made our engineers check the logs again,” he said.

Google_iphone.gifWhile at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Gundotra told the FT that if the trend towards making it easy to access the Web on mobile devices, there’ll be more mobile searches than fixed Internet searches “within the next several years.”

Regarding the news earlier this week that T-Mobile ditched Google in favor of Yahoo as its preferred search partner, Gundotra told the paper that as more users move beyond an operator’s portal and browse more of the open Web, this type of relationship will become less relevant. “The world is changing. Users want an Internet without fences. They know how to type in if they want to get to it. Two years ago the operators were still playing the role of gatekeepers but that is no longer the role for them,” he said in the article.