Google Engineer Accused of Sexual Harassment Allegedly Does Nothing

Wonder if the company will Google this?

Kelly Ellis
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Kelly Ellis is a (now-former) employee of the recently-named “Best Company to Work For” in the whole world: Google. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The tiny Internet start-up has been known for championing many great causes, including the positioning of women in the workplace.

Ellis recently offered the world a new definition of “Googling Yourself.”

The San Francisco Weekly’s Snitch reports that Ellis recently called out an engineering director who harassed her and got away with it. Since she protected her Twitter account, we can’t embed anything. Just take our word for it.

“Rod Chavez is an engineering director at Google, he sexually harassed me, Google did nothing about it. Reprimanded me instead of him.”

Evidently, Ellis didn’t appreciate something Rod said, so he wound up with a cocktail over his head in an incident that was NOT part of any ice bucket challenge. The report ended up on Google HR’s desk but, instead of getting to the cause of the problem, the company allegedly chose to focus on its aftermath.

Ellis then chose to broadcast her entire account of the events to the world via Twitter.

“It’s taking all of my self control not to grab your ass right now.” VERBATIM quote from someone currently an engineering director at Goog.

And then she explained herself:

My choices were: speak up loudly, lose my job, burn bridges (which is what I’ve now done), leave quietly (which is what I did later after realizing it wasn’t changing), or not say anything (which is what I initially did).

I wonder how many other women don’t report or discuss their harassment, for their careers’ sake.

If you weren’t clear about her intentions, there’s this:

I’ve tweeted in the past about being afraid to burn bridges. Fuck them bridges, they’re not worth my self respect.

Thanks to a story by Buzzfeed, which notes Google hasn’t responded to the charges, Ellis called out another Google bigwig: Vic Gundotra, a former vice president of engineering and a catalyst behind the launch of Google +:

“You look amazing in that bathing suit, like a rock star.” -Vic Gundotra, to me, when I was a junior engineer at Google. In Maui.

Vic G to Matt S within earshot of me, on a boat in Maui: “doesn’t Kelly look amazing heh heh”

So, where’s the proof?

I’m going to come out and say that I have no proof. How do you prove something like this anyway? Believe me or not. But I’m not lying.

Don’t think about applauding her, either. She’s not down with that.

Lol people are saying I’m brave, I literally feel sick to my stomach right now.

Silicon Valley still has more than its share of stereotypes to disprove. Progress is painfully slow.