Google Employee Gets Local High School Student Out Of Jail & Home For Xmas

This past May, high school student Jeremy Marks filmed a female campus cop wrestle with an uncooperative student while a crowd of rowdy youths looked on. Marks allegedly called out “Kick her ass!” during the incident. Shortly afterwords, he was arrested for “attempted lynching” and he’s been stuck in jail ever since, because his parents couldn’t afford the $155,000 bail.

That sounded like both an extreme punishment and a lousy Christmas to Google engineer Neil Fraser. He posted a bail fee of $50,000, made a contribution to Marks’ legal expenses, and worked with the system to help get Marks home in time for Christmas. Jeremy Marks was released last week, and will be spending the holidays with some very relieved parents.

The LA Weekly has been following the case closely. More about the Google employee here, and video of the incident here.