Google Drops Newswires for Q2 Earnings Release; Investors and Press Don’t Seem to Care

[Image via IR Web Report]
Dominic Jones at IR Web Report has an excellent report on how Google skipped the news wires for distributing their Q2 earnings, and it didn’t seem to receive a bad response from stakeholders.
Says Jones:

I have been unable find a single negative comment about it from an investor or journalist. That’s quite surprising given that it’s the first time Google has not used a PR wire to announce its results, and the fact that the news itself was far from positive.

PRNewser spoke to many of the major newswires back in April about this, when Google first said it would bypass the wires for “future announcements regarding its financial performance.”
Of course, the marketing departments at the wire services have been going into overdrive on this news as it could affect their business model.
However, while many companies may now think that because it worked for Google, it’s a good idea, they should also consider whether the financial press will pick up their results if they came out like this, or if it will only work for big companies like Google.