Google Docs Team: Mobile Docs Not Ideal. Working On It

Business Insider summarized a Reddit community Q&A session with five members of the Google Docs team. One of the highlighted topics was “a better Android app” (for Google Docs).

What’s Next For Google Docs: Better Android App, Offline Caching, And More

I took at the Reddit session’s top 200 comments and pulled out the mobile related responses from the Google Docs team members.

We’re five members of the Google Docs team – ask us anything!

Google’s participants were:

Scott Johnston (happyinwater), product manager
Jeff Harris (jeffsharris), product manager
Ronald Ho (ronaldho), product manager
DJ Lee (ergobibliophile), engineer
Teresa Wu (teresawu), community manager

And, here’s what they responded to. All of the mobile questions were specifically regarding Android tablets.

happyinwater 50 points 15 hours ago
The mobile experience is very important to us and the current implementation is just start. Look for great things in mobile soon.

[–]jeffsharris 5 points 12 hours ago
Yep – better presentation imports and tablets are big focuses for the next year. You’re totally right that they aren’t great yet. You should see some big progress later this summer

[–]ronaldho 119 points 15 hours ago*
You’re welcome! The idea of making content creation universally accessible keeps me coming to work every day.
And yes, we see mobile as a pretty important space for us, and yes the current editing is not ideal. 🙁 We certainly will be improving this soon, so look forward to that!

[–]ronaldho 16 points 14 hours ago
Yes, the current implementation is definitely not ideal and we plan on improving this soon. Working with mobile browsers presents lots of challenges and this is something we’re going to improve/work-around/make better etc.