Google Docs & Spreadsheet Desktop Editing Option on the iPad: So Close…

I’ve been complaining about Google Docs general uselessness on the iPad since the iPad launched in April. In mid-November, Google made a bit of progress, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Google Docs mobile Finally Gets Mobile Editing: Baby Steps, Baby Steps

It looks like Google Docs is finally getting closer to what I want this holiday season:

Tips & Tricks: More options for mobile editing on the the iPad (Google Docs Blog)

The trick is to switch to the full desktop Google Docs or Spreadsheet view while using Google Docs in the iPad’s Safari mobile browser. Unfortunately, it sounds like the experience is still not 100% satisfying: But we figured for one-off times when you need to make an advanced change, that Desktop link might be just what you’re looking for. However, any forward progress is good progress. I’ll take what I can get. And, what I can get in December 2010 is a lot more than what I could get way back in April when the iPad launched.