Google Declares Mobile Devices a First Class Platform Citizen: But, Which One(s) Will Be Treated Like One?

If there’s one thing that most (many? all?) people can agree on, it is this: The future of computing is mobile. But, it is always interesting to read words like this in the Google Mobile Blog…

Barcelona: Mobile First

Clearly, the mobile phone is the iconic device of the moment, and we’re encouraging a new rule: Mobile First.

The words aren’t precisely true though because Google goes on to say that this really means that new services will appear at the same time for both desktop computers as well as mobile ones. So, Google’s pronouncement really means that mobile devices have been promoted to a first class computing platform. The question is: Which platforms will Google consider for this first class treatment? Android, certainly. iPhone? Perhaps, but Google has already reserved apps like Goggles (their Augmented Reality app) for Android. BlackBerry? Which One? Nokia? Which one? And, Windows Mobile/Phone? It should probably prepare itself to be treated by Google like Skype did recently by dropping their Windows Mobile app completely.