Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook Getting Mixed Reactions

Engadget has had their Google Cr-48 Chrome notebook for a few days and provided their opinions of the prototype device.

On The Road With Cr-48: The Chrome Notebook Is Both Shiny And Tarnished

– Overall hardware impression is poor
– Rubber-like coating feels odd
– Only a single USB port
– Terrible trackpad
– Slow operation
– Adobe Flash very slow
– Confusing error message when booting without a 3G or WiFi connection available

– Search button preferred over Caps Lock button
– Thumbs up for window-switching and full screen mode buttons
– Battery life may be better than the rated 8 hours

The negative hardware comments do not concern me too much since this is not a production device. We can hope that hardware manufacturers get the message and provide their Chrome OS notebooks with enough resources to provide reasonable performance levels. On the other hand, if Google wanted to make a good first impression with the 60,000 units they shipped as preview units, they should have provided a notebook with better performance.

I’m still not convinced that a browser-only platform is sufficient. But, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief until production or near-production devices arrive next year.