Google, Compete: apparel shoppers using phones to research purchases spend more

A study published by Google in partnership with analytics and research provider Compete found that apparel shoppers who research their purchases on mobile phones purchase more often and spend more on each order.

Over one in four mobile researchers spent more than six times in the past six months, and 78 percent spent $50 on their last apparel purchase. Overall, one in five apparel consumers use mobile devices on a daily basis when shopping.

The survey ran between May 1 through May 25 2012, and was composed of 1,321 participants who researched or shopped for apparel online within the past six months. Of the participants, 98 percent said they used their computer to look for information about apparel on the internet, 10 percent said they used a tablet and 14 percent said they used a mobile phone.

While the survey found that the majority of shoppers research their purchasing decisions on their computers, mobile devices have a particularly important role as “constant shopping companions.” Meaning that, unlike other devices, consumers use them to make decision while at work, waiting in line and shopping at the store.

Out of apparel shoppers on mobile, 43 percent turned to search engines to research or buy online, while only 20 percent relied on consumer generated online reviews. 56 percent used their smartphones to compare prices online, and the survey states that mobile search is key to brand discovery.

You can find the full survey here.

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