Google Chromecast Outsells Kindles on Amazon’s Best Sellers List

Google Chromecast is popular, and now it’s proving its popularity by outselling all of Amazon’s Kindle on Amazon’s list of best selling electronics. When the $35  Chromecast was first available to consumers in July, it quickly sold out on Amazon, Google Play, Best Buy, and most brick and mortar stores.

Now that the Chromecast is available for international shipping, its sales are skyrocketing, and the number of Amazon reviewers are also escalating at an exponential rate (over 2,700 at this time). Some users like it so much, they have ordered multiple devices:

 I like the idea of it so much that I ordered two additional through Amazon yesterday before they sold out (Google only gave me one to test with). (Review from Jasper Lynn)

Given the low price point, it’s easy to make multiple purchases:

I actually ordered a Chromecast the day it was announced from Google. However the next day, I was told that they were available for purchase at bestbuy. I was anxious to try it out so I went and bought another one and gave it a try. (Review from Shauna Morgan)

As of now, there’s no support for HBO Go, but Google promises that it is forthcoming, along with the API, which will allow further development from other streaming services. Given Google’s draconian approach to AllCast, a playback app that allowed users to stream personal videos, the company may be saving the lion’s share of possible uses for themselves.