Google Chrome Browser Tuned for Windows XP and Detuned (slower) for Windows 7?

Here’s a puzzling item from Betanews…

Is Google optimizing Chrome 3 for Windows XP netbooks?

It struck me as an odd thing for Google to decide to do since Windows 7 will be released to the public in just three months? The second odd note struck about midway down the article when Betanews notes that the Chrome 3 browser development release is actually slower in Windows 7 RC than Chrome 2.

My guess is that the only netbooks that will be sold with Windows XP after October 22 (or whenever Windows 7 is actually released) will be ones that dealers are selling at ultra low prices to empty out their warehouses.

As I’ve said several times here: I’ve been running Windows 7 Beta or RC on the netbook I use everyday since January. I have zero desire to go back to Windows XP on it. And, I suspect the vast majority of Windows netbook users will feel the same way after they try Windows 7.