Google Chrome Android Updates Will Allow Users to Save Data, Download Content, More

Google announced the latest updates coming to Chrome on Android devices.

Google announced the latest updates coming to Chrome on Android devices. The updates were designed, in part, to help users save data and access content even when they’re offline.

First, Google announced that it has brought its Data Saver technology to videos, which it said allows users to save up to 67 percent of their data when viewing MP4 format videos through Chrome. In addition, when users are on slow connections, Google said the Data Saver technology will automatically optimize HTTP websites “to their essentials.” Google said these optimized websites save up to 90 percent of a user’s data, and will load two times faster.

Google Chrome Screenshots

Elsewhere, Chrome’s new download feature will allow users to download web pages, music, pictures or videos that they’d like to browse later on. If users are downloading content and they lose their connections, the downloads will automatically resume when they reconnect. Users can browse the content they’ve downloaded in a Downloads list within the app.

This downloads feature is now available in the Chrome Beta app, and Google said it will launch for all Chrome users soon.

Finally, Google announced that it will add content suggestions to the new tab page in Chrome in Chrome’s next release. With this update, users will be able to scroll down on the new tab page to view recommended articles from a variety of websites. As users continue to use Chrome, the application will learn the types of content they’re interested in, and it will recommend personalized content for users to view.

In a blog postRahul Roy-Chowdhury, vice president of product and data minimalist at Google, commented:

We believe that our focus on data savings, offline capabilities and content discovery will make Chrome an even better place for you to experience the mobile web. Download the latest version of Chrome to be one of the first to try these features as we roll them out.

The Chrome app is available to download for free on Google Play.