Google Buzz Team Cleans Up Inboxes

GoogleBuzz.jpgThe Google Buzz Team wants to help users of the social-networking component to Gmail reduce clutter in their inboxes.

The team announced that it will add settings to control what gets sent to users’ inboxes, as well as explanations for why posts are sent and a “mute” link.

From the post by the Google Buzz Team:

We’ve heard loud and clear that buzz in your inbox can get noisy — we feel it, too, and we’re working on two features to help with this:

1) Settings to control what gets sent to your inbox

You’ll be able to choose whether the following buzz items get sent to your inbox:

Comments on your posts

Comments on posts after you comment on them

Comments on posts after you are @replied on them

2) Explanations for why posts get sent to your inbox and a “Mute” link

We’re adding a message on the top of each post in your inbox that explains why it’s there (someone commented on your post, you were @replied, etc.). We’re also adding an easy-to-find “mute” link that will stop subsequent comments from bringing the conversation back to your inbox.

We’re testing these features and making sure they work in all 50+ Gmail languages right now, so they should be ready to launch in the next few days. These are just the first in series of features designed to help control the “noisiness” of Google Buzz, so stay tuned for more!