Google Buzz is Half-a-Buzz So Far on Android

You’ve probably read about the new Google Buzz service. At least I hope that is the case. Because, I’m at a loss to describe what Google Buzz is. I suppose you can say that Google Buzz is not Google Wave. But, since very few people seem to understand and use Wave, that doesn’t help define Buzz either. Buzz is said to be a Twitter-killer. But, I’m not sure how this the case. At the moment, it is more like less than half-a-Buzz since the service hasn’t been turned on for my Gmail account yet. And, while it works on my phone, the Post Buzz feature doesn’t work for me.

Introducing Google Buzz for mobile: See buzz around you and tag posts with your location.

While my Gmail account is still buzz-less, pointing the Android web browser at…

…provided a mobile Buzz experience right away. The problem is, I’m not sure what that experience is supposed to be like. And, I’m not sure I experienced much in my first couple of experiments using a Droid and Nexus One.

Buzz is a hit-or-miss experience because of Android version issues with regard to Buzz. Google offered this advice in a blog update: For Android users, and shortcuts are currently available only for phones with Android 2.0+ and we’re working to support other versions soon. Google Maps for mobile with Buzz (Maps 4.0) is available in Android Market for phones with Android 1.6+. Frank wrote about the Android version issue in a blog item yesterday…

Will There Soon Be Android Orphans?

The Buzz experience (sounds very 1960-ish, eh?) can also be found in the updated Google Maps for mobile. There’s a new Buzz Layer available that displays, um, Buzz-ing for a specific geographic area on the map (see the screenshot above).

Finally, there is the Post Buzz feature that is supposed to let you post buzz items simply by saying something after uttering post buzz using Android’s quick search widget or Google Mobile app for the iPhone. I tried this with the Droid and Nexus One. This just resulted in a search result list for the phrase.

YouTube video courtesy of Google

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